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World War I, Post-Armistice Photo
Co. B, 114th Infantry
Montbizot, France

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Company B, 114th Infantry in Montbizot, France

Company B, 114th Infantry in Montbizot, France

 Company B, 114th Infantry April 1919, Montbizot, France

Company B, 114th Infantry, April 1919
Montbizot, France
April 1919

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History of the 114th Infantry Bravo Company

History of the 114th Infantry, Bravo Company during the World War I Era

This company was from New Jersey, part of the 29th Blue-Grey Division, a NJ-MD-DC National Guard unit; thank you to George Harris for this information, based on their shoulder sleeve insignia.

It was originally organized on 1917-10-11, in Camp McClennan, Alabama, from the 3rd New Jersey Infantry, 5th New Jersey Infantry,and the 1st Delaware Infantry. In 1918, the unit was in Haute-Alsace, France and was part of the final battle of WWI, the Meuse-Argonne Offensive, aka Battle of the Argonne Forest (1918-09-26 to 1918-11-11); this offensive is known for being the biggest operation and victory for the American Expeditionary Force (AEF) in World War I. This battle was part of the Grand Offensive (aka Hundred Days Offensive), the latter being credited with leading directly to the Armistice on 11 November 1918.

About the time that this photo was taken, April 1919, the Great War had been over for five months, and the troops were preparing to return to the USA.

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This historic panoramic print is available as I was asked to take the heavily-damaged hardcopy from a friend, scan its multiple pieces (it had been rolled up for many years and crushed, breaking the print into several pieces), and digitally restore it so I could print it onto archival paper, with fade-resistant inks, for her family heirloom collection.

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