Introduction - Plate Blocks of US Postage Stamps

Plate Block US Postage Stamps I have Offered for Sale

I was blessed to have been brought into the hobby of stamp collecting by my maternal grandmother. She collected all sorts of stamp materials, including Easter Seals, Internal Revenue stamps, foreign and domestic postage stamps, plate blocks, blocks of four to eight and mint sheets of stamps. On her passing, they were passed down to me, but I had gotten out of the hobby, because I simply have way too many hobbies. So, I am trying to downsize and I am offering my stamp collection for sale. On these webpages, I will be showing pricing for other sales of the same items and even related materials that might be of interest to the buyer.

If you have any special requests, feel free to email me at my address in the sidebar menu at left and I will review my inventory and get back to you

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Plate Block Listings for Sale - by Year